Inspiration can come from the strangest of places and after 20 years in the hospitality industry the world of couverture chocolate not only became something of a fascination for Pamela Raschella but her curiosity around it’s customisation quickly became a passion.

With a house filled from floor to ceiling with Belgian’s finest she began testing and creating an extensive range of products in her home kitchen over nine months before “Shocolate™” was born in 2008 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It quickly became a place where the creativity could be tempered, the ideas eatable and the imagination irresistible.

Outgrowing that space very quickly, 11 years on and over 50 medals, a trophy and endless recognitions, Shocolate™ and its staff continue to believe in the evolution of chocolate and that it’s only limitation is in their imagination, Shocolate™ prides themselves on having the creative curiosity and the professional knowledge to push the expectations of their clientele and create the perfect chocolate utopia.

Shocolate’s™ chocolates are hand created for the discerning Belgian couverture chocolate connoisseur, who not only appreciates quality… but demands it.