Shocolate is a multi award -winning creator of intrinsically hand crafter boutique Belgian couverture chocolates. Our team of highly skilled chocolatiers are European schooled and offer the finest skills in French patisserie and chocolate products. Their dedication to taste and finish has been seen Shocolate awarded over 50 medals and two category trophies from the royal Melbourne and Royal Hobart Fine food awards.

We are passionate about creating lasting impressions as I’m sure you are with your clients and staff, therefore we understand that any business gift you send reflects on the image of your company, that is why we can offer you the highest quality solutions for any experience, from elegantly wrapped timber boxes, carton wrapped chocolates and small to large hampers.


All our corporate gifts are delivered straight from our kitchen direct to your clients address via registered cold couriers. This guarantees that your artisan gifts arrive direct to your designated address looking as perfect as they were when our chocolatiers put on the finishing touches.

All our corporate gifts can be further personalised by adding a high quality, visually appealing hand-written thank you card helping your business show valued clients how much you appreciated their business and the professional relationship you have. 


Shocolate are determined to continue to do their part in helping address the challenges that are faced by cocoa farmers by using chocolate that supports sustainably grown cocoa. This in turn helps improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity and community development.

We look forward to working closely with you throughout this festive season to ensure your clients and staff have a memorable experience.

Yours Sincerely,
Pamela Raschella